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Genre: Feature Film / Comedy

Duration: 92'

Director: Miguel García de la Calera           

Cast: Hiba Abouk, Cristina Castaño, Alejo Sauras, Marc Clotet, Terele Pávez, Vicente Santos and Isaac Saviñón.                                                                                                                                                                                                          


BEYOND (2018)                                                         

Genre: Documentary film   

Duration: 84'                                                 

Director: Jose Pozo                                     

Cast: Álvaro Vizcaíno.

Synopsis: After being washed up against  the craggy rocks of the pristine waters of a volcanic island a young surfer faces an agonising 48 hours of introspection and soul searching  to stay alive against the odds.




SOLO  (2017)

Genre: Feature Film / Drama                       

Duration: 83'                                                 

Director: Hugo Stuven C.                           

Cast: Alain Hernández, Aura Garrido, Ben Temple.

Synopsis:  In search of the perfect wave, young surfer Álvaro Vizcaíno rushes down a cliff in a wild, precipitous part of the island of Fuerteventura. He stumbles and falls. When he comes to, his hip is fractured in three places and his hand has a gaping gash. To stay alive, Àlvaro will have to overcome pain, exhaustion and the elements.


73 MINUTES (2017)                                 

Genre: Feature Film / Drama                       

Duration: 83'                                                 

Director: Jose Pozo                                       

Cast: Alain Hernández, Elisabet Terri, Pep Munné, Valentina Castro.

Synopis: After committing a robbery, an ex-convict on the run  takes an unwitting ski instructor hostage while hiding out in the snow capped peaks and waiting for a fortuitous moment to escape over the border.


NICK  (2015)

Genre: Feature Film / Drama                       

Duration: 99'                                                 

Director: Jose Pozo                                       

Cast: Cooper Crafar, Molly Malcolm, Melina Matthews, Timothy Gibbs, Elisabet Terri

Synopsis: Margret is a police officer in a small town where nothing ever happens. Her life is perfectly monotonous, and she is happy attending to the trivial problems of the sparse population. But her happiness is shattered when she receives a call from Social Services. Nick, her een- year old stepbrother, has just been expelled from boarding school. Being the only direct relative on record, she will have to take care of him.

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VOYEUR  (2014)

Genre: Feature Film / Experimental             

Duration: 72'                                                 

Director: Marc Recuenco                             

Cast:  Núria Deulofeu, Joan Muntal, Pep Picas, Gemma Guilera, Carmela Herranz, Alba Aguilera

Synopis: Nadia is a girl who lives her own experiences through others. She spies on strangers and acquaintances to better understand the world around her. She is a voyeur, who simply watches.



Genre: Feature Film / Experimental                               

Duration: 98'                                                                     

Director: Javier Asenjo, Miguel Pérez                              

Cast: Raúl Fernández de Pablo, Lucas Fuica, Elisa Drabben, Rosa Mariscal, Pep Anton Muñoz

Synopis: Iñaki and Mateo are lifelong friends who have always loved hiking. Mateo is crazy and visceral and Iñaki is prudent and formal. Time has passed and things have changed: both of them are now married and have children, but whereas Iñaki has succeeded in his life, Mateo's life is a complete disaster. One night they meet in a bar, have a drink, and decide to try and reach the top of a 3000 meter high mountain. It is a comedy about friendship, self-improvement, parent-kid relationships and adventures that we face through our lifetime.